The Research and development team at Ruprecht consists of a highly educated and experienced team in the fields of Food Science, Culinary Arts, Food Safety, and Market Research.  As part of Ruprecht’s expansion into its new space, a dedicated, state of the art, laboratory was built within the processing facility.  This facility has enabled Ruprecht to expand its R&D capabilities, as well as improve its production testing.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring customer safety, satisfaction, and experience is an important part of the Ruprecht product offering from sourcing through delivery. In order to bring our customers the best experience possible we have invested heavily in quality assurance personnel who carry advanced degrees and certifications in food safety and who have significant professional experience in the area of food safety. Ruprecht has also engaged outside contractors experienced in food safety to help develop and guide continuous improvement in the area as well as help the company achieve internationally recognized facility standards.

Sous-Vide Technology

Ruprecht’s Sous Vide technology was developed for those clients who want the added value and convenience of a consistent, fully cooked, meat entrée. Our products are vacuum-sealed in individual pouches. Vacuum-packed products are then batch cooked and pasteurized at precise temperatures and times to maximize the quality of each product, a process called “Sous-Vide”.


The phrase “sous vide” means “under vacuum” in French. Sous vide is a unique and gentle method of cooking which allows the cellular structure of food to remain intact. The food’s natural moisture and juices are retained, preserving its flavor, aroma, and nutrients. Natural flavors are enhanced and natural fibers soften and dissolve, leaving proteins, such as beef, tender enough to cut with a fork.

The food is not only improved in taste, it retains its nutritional content; a fact that is very important in today’s health conscious society. The result leads to a longer shelf life product with improved texture and flavors without the use of artificial preservatives and chemicals.

The Ruprecht R&D’s focus is:

  • New Product Development
  • Product Reformulation
  • Shelf life Extension
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Customer Testing
  • Market Research
  • Cooking Technology Development
  • New Product Packaging
  • Microbiology Studies

Ruprecht’s focus on R&D has operationalized cooking technologies historically used in small specialty applications.

Ruprecht holds certifications in the following areas: