Retail Segments

    • Deli Case (Fully Cooked Hot and Cold Deli)
    • Fresh Meat Case (Fully Cooked, Raw Proteins, Raw Marinated Proteins)
    • Frozen (Fully Cooked and Raw Proteins)

Program Availability

  • Whole Sub Primals
  • Case Ready Portioned
  • Portion Control Steaks
  • Fully Cooked, Chef Prepared Items
  • Stretch Overwrap

We take pride in serving our large format, independent, conventional and limited assortment clients.

Ruprecht sells a full line of Ruprecht Branded items.  The items sold under this brand are unique, high quality, and available in almost all retail store departments.

A full line of pure, healthy and great tasting USDA certified organic meats including raw-frozen, raw-fresh and fully cooked beef, chicken, pork and turkey can be found.

Ruprecht strives to provide its customers with the products they want.  In many cases this means developing custom products under the customers own brand.  Ruprecht can support private label products on all levels from product development to packaging.

Our Ruprecht Natural Program is unique due to it not only meeting stringent quality guidelines, but offering the following characteristics:

  • Hormone free
  • Antibiotic free
  • Certified All Natural
  • High Yielding (Up to 10% higher yields than conventional)

Ruprecht also offers a wide range of USDA organic meats available in most cuts (not available in any bone-in-cuts). These animals have been raised and processed in an environmentally clean way, free of all contaminants. All meat is certified by Oregon Tilth Association as well as USDA. For more information on Oregon Tilth and their certification process, please visit their website at For more information on USDA Organic, please visit