Ruprecht was founded on creating products for the Food Service Customer.

Those roots are still strong today. Our products are distributed through the nation’s largest and most recognized food service providers.

Through our network of Food Service suppliers, Ruprecht is able to service large institutions and chains, as well as independent restauranteurs. Our offerings exceed 2,500 raw and cooked items tailored to meet our customer’s needs.

Product Consistency and Availability

Our product will always be produced using consistent formulation, cooking applications and properly sourced ingredients. Our customers know what to expect every time.

Customization options

Ruprecht Company has the capability to offer a wide range of specifications: sliced, diced, whole muscle for carving, shredded, IQF, grilled, seared, etc. Fully cooked or raw beef, chicken, pork, poultry and seafood: ask us about our vegetables and sides as well.


All products made in our facility are produced under strict USDA guidelines. All fully cooked products reach safe temperatures and are pasteurized with sous-vide technology.

Bulk Pack

Order high use items in large bulk packs and low use items in smaller packs to maintain freshness and shelf-life.


Pre-portioned products take the guess work out at store level and provide portion consistency for saving money on yields.

Shelf Life

Our fully cooked fresh products have up to a 50 day shelf life, preventing shrink. Our food service frozen products carry up to eighteen months shelf life.